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The legal services we provide to businesses and business owners include representation in matters of:

Business Formation and Dissolution.

Starting a business begins with the selection of the type of business entity that best suits your business model and objectives, whether a general partnership, joint venture, limited partnership, limited liability company, corporation or non-profit corporation. This decision can have consequences throughout the life of the business, including tax implications, potential liability to third parties and compliance with corporate formalities and The Law of Business, PC has the know how to guide you though these decisions in a way that will set your business up for success. The dissolution and/or liquidation of a business is far more complicated than simply hanging a “CLOSED” sign on your door. There are governmental, State and Federal, rules to adhere to in order to avoid liability to third parties and to protect yourself.

Business Purchase/Sale.

The decision to purchase or sell the assets of, or interest in, a business has both tax and liability issues as does the consideration to be paid and whether the purchase price is realized on the day of sale or over time. Neither the drafting of the Asset Purchase or Stock Purchase Agreements/Contracts, nor the Consultation and/or Employment Agreements/Contracts and covenants not to compete/non-competes/restrictive covenants that go hand in hand with the transfer of a business should not be done without experienced counsel to ensure the exercise of due diligence is performed, the assets of the business are as represented and sold/purchased free and clear of non-permitted liens, and the covenants not to compete are enforceable. If you are a seller, The Law of Business, PC will ensure you receive the purchase price and be shielded from liability for business operations post-sale.

Business/Commercial Litigation.

Whether you need to defend or prosecute claims for interference in existing or prospective business relationships, unfair or deceptive trade/business practices or breach of employment, purchase, sale or service contracts, breach of non-competition agreements, breach of fiduciary duties, fraud, conversion of property, breach of confidentiality agreements or misappropriation of proprietary information or trade secrets, we have litigated these claims for clients of this firm many times over.

Shareholder, Member Or Partner Disputes – a/k/a Freeze Out Or Business Divorce.

There are a myriad of subjects over which shareholders, members or partners may disagree, and a conflict or stalemate amongst “partners” may grind your business to a halt. So called “partners” may try to exclude you from participation in the management of, or benefits accruing from, your ownership. We can help you litigate or mediate these types of disputes, and protect your interests, as well as the interests of the business as we have repeatedly done for our clients over the past two (2) decades.

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