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“Cash Flow is King” has been a golden rule of business for as long as business has been done. Nothing negatively affects your business cash flow like uncollected accounts receivable, as accounts payable arrive on time every month.

The Law of Business, PC is staffed by paralegals and attorneys. We do not waste your time, exacerbating your cash flow crunch by asking commercial or consumer debtors to voluntarily pay their commercial or consumer debt, as we recognize your business has already done so unsuccessfully or we would not have been contacted. The Law of Business, PC commences suit against a debtor to obtain, and if necessary enforce, a judgment against your judgment debtors. The Law of Business, PC is not a collection agency or a bank of non-legal trained individuals making collection calls that are neither answered or returned. Our attorneys and paralegals handle the consumer credit and commercial credit collection/recovery from the commencement of suit, to the entry of judgment and the enforcement of the judgment. The Law of Business, PC does not forward collection claims to other collection attorneys to handle commercial or consumer credit collection. As our representation is comprehensive, you need not hire a collection agency, followed by an attorney to file suit, and another to enforce judgment. The Law of Business, PC is your “one stop collection shop.”

Our staff of attorneys and paralegals are Fair Debt Collection Practices Act certified and aggressively collect upon your debts within “the Law of Business”, not outside of it, so as to not subject you, your business and the receivable to loss or counterclaim under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. ยง1692, et seq. Our collection staff has the legal knowledge and skill to prosecute suit upon your collection file, even if your business has failed to obtain voluntary payment. Our attorneys and paralegals work to acquire a prompt, successful and efficient recovery of your collection claims. The Law of Business, PC is in the business of debt collection, and will exercise any option available to you under “the Law of Business” to extract money from your debtor or judgment debtor. The Law of Business, PC does not use an automatic dialer to place yet another collection call which will not be returned.

The Law of Business, PC’s lead counsel, Douglas M. Marinos, Esquire, has practiced in the field of commercial and consumer collections for the past thirty (30) years, and has represented creditors in actions in equity to obtain possession of and title to inventory and accounts receivable and the issuance of injunctions commanding borrowers to surrender collateral and enjoining the use, concealment, disposition and transfer thereof. Douglas M. Marinos, Esquire has enforced money judgments by writ of execution, seeking levy and sale and/or attachment of property and judgment for possession of real and personal property by writ of possession and seizure, respectively. In addition, Douglas M. Marinos, Esquire has deposed judgment debtors and petitioned courts for supplementary relief in aid of execution. To workout a bad credit, Douglas M. Marinos, Esquire has drafted settlement, forbearance, loan restructure and security agreements, and amended and restated promissory notes. Douglas M. Marinos, Esquire has represented creditors in bankruptcy cases to obtain relief from the automatic stay, determine dischargeability of debts, object to confirmation of Chapter 13 Plans and to exemptions claimed by debtors, and to reaffirm debts.

Douglas M. Marinos, Esquire has represented creditors which include: Meridian Bank, N.A., First Fidelity (f/k/a Merchants Bank), Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB (n/k/a M&T Bank), Northeastern Bank (n/k/a PNC), First Valley Bank (n/k/a Bank of America), Liberty Savings Bank, Advanta Bank and Leasing Corporation (n/k/a Bank of America), Security National Bank (n/k/a JP Morgan Chase), First Lehigh Bank (n/k/a Lafayette Ambassador Bank, part of Fulton Financial Corporation), Altegra Credit Company (n/k/a PNC Bank), National City Bank of Pennsylvania (n/k/a PNC Bank), Colonial National Bank, USA (n/k/a Bank of America), Advanta National Bank (n/k/a Bank of America), East Penn Bank (n/k/a Key Bank), Harleysville National Bank (n/k/a Key Bank), Citizens National Bank of Lansford (n/k/a Key Bank), Main Street Bancorp (n/k/a Santander Bank), Bay Financial Savings Bank, NVR Mortgage Finance, Inc., First Star Bank (n/k/a ESSA Bank), Patriot Bank (n/k/a BB&T Bank), Sovereign Bank (n/k/a Santander Bank) and National Penn Bank (n/k/a BB&T).

The Law of Business, PC understands it is in business with its clients when it collects upon their commercial and/or consumer debt accounts, and, therefore, is willing to split the risk of non-collection with its clients by offering the three (3) types of Fee Agreements which follow:

  1. Contingent Fee Agreement: Under the terms of which no fee is earned unless and until a recovery is had, upon which an agreed upon percentage of the sum recovered is retained by The Law of Business, PC. The potential disadvantage to a client bound by a Contingency Fee Agreement is the possibility that if recovery is had quickly, easily or with little effort, The Law of Business, PC’s contingent fee may be greater than if the creditor agreed to pay an hourly fee;
  2. Hourly Fee Agreement: Under an Hourly Fee Agreement the creditor agrees to pay an hourly fee at an agreed upon rate per hour for the time expended by The Law of Business, PC to collect on your claim, whether our efforts are successful or not. The potential disadvantage to a client under an Hourly Fee Agreement is the risk of non-recovery, or an uneconomical recovery in a case where the debtor’s resistance is great, or the collection action is prolonged or complicated, resulting in a fee that may approach, or exceed, the recovery; and
  3. Modified Contingency Fee Agreement: Pursuant to this Fee Agreement, The Law of Business, PC and the creditor/client share the risk of labor and non-collection. A flat or fixed fee is agreed upon at the time of referral that is non-refundable, and a reduced contingency fee is agreed upon in the event of recovery so neither party bears 100% of the risk of non-recovery.

The Law of Business, PC will take the time to review whatever claim(s) you wish to refer to it for collection, and together we will seek to agree upon the terms of a Fee Agreement which best suits the collection of the debt you are seeking to collect upon. It is important to note that The Law of Business, PC is not obligated to accept every receivable you wish to refer to it for collection, and in all types of Fee Agreements, you are responsible for the out-of-pocket costs of litigation, such as court filing and Sheriff’s service fees.

The Law of Business, PC will not try to fit a “square peg (collection client) into a round hole (Contingency or Hourly Fee Agreement)”, but is willing to share the risk of collection with you.

If this type of approach to commercial and consumer collections is what you and/or your business desires, please contact us today to improve your cash flow and deposit funds into your operating account, rather than forward an aged receivable list to your bank for a loan by calling (610-434-0504) or e-mailing (

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