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Purchasing a Franchise of an established business, with the right to use its trademark, business model and policies or practices may be the perfect business opportunity for you, providing you some level of independence, as well as established “good will”, customer base or referrals. On the other hand, the Franchise/Management Fees and/or Royalties may leave you earning no more than an employee, and the business procedures with no more control over the franchise operation than an employee over his employer’s business. Often times Franchisees come to learn late that the “franchise”, in other words, business they purchased, was not what it was represented to be, or what they expected having paid a substantial franchise fee, in some cases the Franchisee’s largest business investment, for their sole source of income. Don’t be the fool who didn’t pay an inexpensive attorney’s fee, in comparison to the Franchise Fee to have an attorney who has litigated over the issues that arise from Franchise Agreements, disclosure documents, or lack thereof, and the written obligations of the Franchisor and Franchisee.

The Law of Business, PC’s attorneys have opposed attempts by Franchisors to terminate the “franchise” after the Franchisee’s investment of time, labor, franchise fees and royalties, litigating against Franchisors for, amongst other claims, fraud, failure to provide truthful disclosures as required by the Federal Trade Practices Act, unfair trade practices, breach of contract, breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing, breach of fiduciary duty and wrongful termination of a franchise, almost continually for the past decade.

The Law of Business, PC is ready, willing and able to represent the small business, the “little guy”/David against big business/Goliath, as it has for many years.

We have acted as counsel on many issues related to the running of a franchise:

  • Breach of Franchise Agreement;
  • The Purpose of Non-Competition Agreements/Covenants Not to Compete/Restrictive Covenants;
  • Purchase, Sale and Transfer of a Franchise
  • The Termination or Renewal of the Franchise Agreement;
  • Claims for Unpaid Royalties, Franchise Fees or Advertising Fees;
  • Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Territories, and Competition from Other Franchisees;
  • Provisions Requiring Arbitration in Foreign Jurisdictions;
  • Fraud and Misrepresentations; and
  • Adequate Disclosure of Franchise Fees and Legal Obligations of Franchisor and Franchisees, including grounds for termination.

The Law of Business, PC can also counsel you on how to maintain a working relationship with your Franchisor as litigation is often expensive and an “uphill battle” against a Franchisor, but if an irreconcilable dispute arises, The Law of Business, PC will bull doggedly fight for you, as we have for many others, over the last thirty (30) years.

Learn more about how The Law of Business, PC can represent you in maintaining your relationship with your Franchisor or standing up to your Franchisor by contacting The Law of Business, PC, either by telephone (610-434-0504) or e-mail ( to schedule an appointment.

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