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The location of your business may be integral to the development of “good will”/exposure and/or to provide you with long term equity growth as owner occupied real estate leased by you personally to your business entity.  Whatever the purpose, the realty from which your business operations are based may be essential to its success.  Whether you elect to lease, fit out, construct, purchase or sell real estate to house your business operations, you shouldn’t engage in any real estate transaction without the counsel of an attorney experienced in real estate transactions and litigation.  Don’t be the penny wise and pound foolish client that wanted to save the cost to have an attorney review an Agreement To Purchase/For The Sale Of Real Estate/Property calling for you to spend hundreds of thousands, or millions, of dollars on what may be the greatest business or personal investment you may make in your life, and be at risk for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Law of Business, PC will ensure your real estate transactions are handled properly, to minimize your risks and maximize your gains.  Don’t be the Buyer who does not receive what he paid for, because the real estate has major or minor defects, has environmental contamination, or is not zoned to conduct the business you intend to carry on from that location, which the exercise of due diligence by The Law of Business, PC could have avoided far less expensively than the litigation of claims for fraud, misrepresentation and/or non-disclosure, or hazardous waste remediation.  Don’t be the Seller whose ill-advised decision not to disclose a defect, acquires a law suit for fraud, rather than a sale, or future liability for environmental hazards.

The Law of Business, PC understands the complexity of any real estate transaction and will work with you to buy, sell or lease real estate to meet your business plan.  We work closely with business owners to protect them from liability to third parties who may become injured on their business premises, while meeting their long term business goals, whether that be by forming a Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company to “hold” the real estate, otherwise known as a “real estate holding company”.

We are ready, willing and able to assist you and your business with the real estate services that follow:

  • Commercial/Residential Leases;
  • Agreement/Contract for the Purchase/to Buy or Sell/for Sale of Commercial/Residential Real Estate;
  • Construction Contract/Agreement;
  • Construction Litigation;
  • Zoning, Variance and Land Use Issues;
  • Mechanic’s Lien(s);
  • Title Insurance at competitive rates.

At The Law of Business, PC we are proud to have offered a high level of personal attention to help our client’s reach the objectives for their business premises.  Don’t make the mistake of doing it yourself (DIY).  Contact The Law of Business, PC, either by telephone (610-434-0504) or e-mail ( to schedule an appointment with Douglas M. Marinos, Esquire

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